Rapid Diagnostics For Life
LifeDX is creating accurate and affordable diagnostics devices capable of helping developed and low- and middle-income countries increase healthcare quality and efficacy of early diagnostics and prediction.

Rapid tests pipeline of LifeDX SA. Platforms: lateral flow, ELISA, microfluidics.
HIV 3rd and 4th Gen
Malaria (Pf, HRP2, pLDH)
Hepatits B, C
Treponema Pallidum
COVID-19, FluAB, RSV, etc.
We create the future today for the benefit of mankind!
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Our partners
  • Innovaud
    Innovaud is the innovation and investment promotion agency for the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland’s Lake Geneva region.
  • Biopole
    Founded in 2004 by the canton of Vaud public authorities, Biopôle SA is a private, not-for-profit organisation, which owns, manages and promotes the life sciences campus. We believe that interpersonal and inter-company relationships are the key to successful innovation. That’s why we focus on creating an environment in which you and your teams can prosper by collaborating with the Biopôle community and beyond.
Route de la Corniche 5, Biopôle,
1066 Epalinges
Lausanne, Switzerland